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My Parents are Old.

Having not seen them in a while, I had forgotten than both of my parents are over 70, and while they're still healthy, the "over 70" part really shows in their movements and appetites. I ended up revising my visiting schedule with them several times simply because they weren't up to it. I'm hoping that they're enjoying themselves, but I'm actually kind of glad that they've said they're not really interested in coming back. Telling them about Cheryl and I breaking up was a big deal, but they both took it well, and I'm not disowned so I call it a win.

OK, I think it's now setting in...

I closed on the house on Friday. Which is pretty terrifying. My first house payment is due 1 July. What the hell was I thinking, buying a money pit? I want to go back to sleep for, I dunno, a couple of years. But I have people coming over, and I have a chiro appointment on Monday, and then my parents arrive on Tuesday... Boy am I glad I took the next couple of weeks off. -jc

I am ever so glad to avoid fandom sometimes.

A particular internet-friend of mine is currently caught behind the drama-llama about the latest episode of LOST. Now, I'm not, and never have been, a fan of the show; I caught the first episode and never bothered to follow up with the rest, since it didn't really pique my interest. One of the reasons I've become less and less exposed to the internet culture -- dropping out of the fora, deleting my facebook account, culling my twitterfeed, even contemplating dropping off my livejournal (despite the long history I have on LJ) -- is because I get plenty of tsuris in my real life, what with the ex-wives and the estranged child and plenty of friends who have plenty of real-life drama on their own. I love many of my internet-friends dearly, and I respect many of them as artists, critics, and by-and-large intelligent, well-meaning people. But oh, the drama of fandom...