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And after the work, they rested.

In about an hour, I start a 4 day weekend. I am not doing any work. I'm not going to log in and catch up on anything, I'm not going to check my mail, I'm going home, cracking open a bottle of wine, and not sobering up until Monday. Because I deserve the time off. One of the things about this job I have, which is different from previous jobs, is that this job requires me to be smart. Other jobs I've had required me to be methodical, and often rewarded me for being smart, but didn't really REQUIRE it. Being a DBA really does require me to be thinking, constantly, both on solutions and on refinements to those solutions, to get the most work done in the shortest amount of time with the least impact to the systems in place. It's incredibly draining, and I am ready to not be doing it for a while. So, four days off, then two days of work, and then ten days of vacation where I go see my son. I'm very, very ready for this time off. I think I will play some Roc

Oh, look: I have a blog

My work has been killing me -- lots of work, and any free time I have I'm way to tired to do much more than watch DVDs and eat pasta and pass out. I want to do something other than zoning out or playing videogames. I'm hoping that the project I'm working on settles down so I can do something other than have my brains leak out my ears. Maybe I can try and blog on a regular basis.