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A Discouraging Word

The last time I was unemployed, I used to really dread Wednesdays. Wednesdays were, at least as far as I could tell, the day that the HR / Recruiter Person decided to let everyone who didn't get the gig that they didn't get the gig, and it wasn't unusual for me to get four or even five rejection letters on a Wednesday. The good news is that this time, Wednesdays aren't like that any longer. The bad news is that the rejections still come, just more spread out. And sometimes they pile up a little. Today wasn't a good day: I got rejection letters (and a nice phone call from a recruiter) all letting me know that the positions I had applied for were no longer interested in me. A couple had already been filled, but at least two were continuing their search for other candidates and that I was not being considered for the next round. This was especially hard this week, as I had worked really hard  to nail the in-person interview I went to last week, and I was relati