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So Here's The Thing: Far Cry 5

I have never really been a big player of the Far Cry series. First-person shooters aren't really my bag, unless they're the wrapper for a really cool story or RPG-alike game that I really want to play. The closest I came to really getting into FPS are games like the new Fallout series, or some parts of Mass Effect, but given that those are mostly over-the-shoulder games, I was never really the audience for the FC franchise. This was especially true given the troublesome politics of the FC series games: the protagonist was some rando silent white dude avatar with a gun fetish and a remit to kill as many brown people as possible. This is also, btw, why I don't play games like Call of Duty or SpecOps or those other sorts of FPS games. So when Far Cry 5 was first announced and it was going to be set in rural Montana and the big bad was going to be a religious cult figure, and more than that the player would have the option to play as a woman of colour, suddenly they had my inte

Oh, hey, I have a blog.

You'd think, if I was in between projects, I'd take time to update my blog and maybe do some pontificating. But, of course, no; I'm bad at that sort of thing. So here I am more than six months since my last post, in the middle of a new contract and two weeks into my second term of college and I'm suddenly thinking "maybe I should post something". Part of the reason for this is that the network is down at work, so I'm at a bit of loose ends. Plus, a lot of my little thoughts go onto Twitter (and I really need to migrate to something that isn't actively terrible) and mostly I'm just listening rather than posting long-form thoughts these days. As a white dude, I think this is probably a good thing to do: let others speak, and listen as much as possible. But I submitted a couple of talk ideas for DevOpsDays PDX 2018, so I was thinking that I should update this page since it's possible someone might be looking here. So hi there! Anyway, this b