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The Experience of Other Voices

(Alternate post title: Otter Voices, Otter Viewpoints, except hasn't been updated in two years, so no one will get the joke.) So I'm headed into my fourth year of mostly sticking to my pledge to read books that are written by people who are not straight white dudes. I've made a couple of exceptions, but better than 95% of the books I've read over the last several years have been written by people of colour, women, queer, or some combination thereof. It's been an exercise I've been almost entirely happy about, too -- there is some really brilliant work out there by some amazing authors that not only tells stories that I didn't know I'd like, but tells those stories from viewpoints greatly differing from my own. Part of the success of this experiment has been being a part of a Queer Book Club, where the mandate is to read Science Fiction & Fantasy works that are written by or appeal to voices that are not stra